Sisters In Spirit Day

October 4th is a day to show support and honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQ+. This is also a day to support the families that are grieving and on their own journey of healing.  To continue to raise awareness the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan (AFCS) and The Princess Shop partnered (TPS) teamed up to work with family members to empower all those affected by this reality. 

We welcomed a group of family members to join us at the Princess Shop for a day of pampering and glam. Each participant was able to search through the breathtaking dresses that are available at TPS.  Once they found the perfect red dress, they were able to get their hair and makeup done by professionals. The atmosphere was welcoming with laughter and stories. After they chose their accessories and shoes it was off to the spot for some photos to be taken. Each lady looked stunning in their formal red dress and posed with self-confidence and beauty. 

The hard part of the day was saying goodbye to our friends and having them reflect on what this day meant to the participants. Many of them spoke through tears of how important it is to raise awareness so that their loved ones are not forgotten and to advocate so that these tragedies stop happening. A young lady whose mom is still missing mentioned that there shouldn’t even need to be a day for this, these indignities should never happen to our Indigenous woman, girls and 2SLGBTQ+. 

As we honour and pay tribute to our lost loved ones, we know how important it is to support families who are left to mourn. We hope that this day they felt empowered, loved and a sense of hope for the future.