Our Visual Identity

The Process

While developing our new Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan brand, we prioritized creating a
symbol that is representative of modern Indigenous peoples. Many of the symbols commonly applied in today’s Indigenous design landscape are overused, diluting their sacred meanings. We wanted to move past overused symbols and tropes. The new AFCS branding is inclusive and celebratory of our people and our community.

The Symbol

The AFCS’s symbol is a representation of the deeper cultural teachings within Indigenous culture. It is a clean, modern design, inclusive of the three Indigenous peoples of Saskatchewan. It goes beyond the common and often misused expected tropes that have at times, come to represent our people in a stereotypical way.

It symbolizes the deeper values shared by our peoples, and it draws strength from the idea that together we are stronger. Our resiliency as Indigenous peoples continues to strive as we draw strength from community.

The braid pattern

Representative of one of the sacred sweetgrass’ teachings

One strand can easily be broken, but when the sweetgrass is braided, it’s almost impossible to break. This teaching is reflective of AFCS’ community – the strength of community makes us all stronger.

 There are three sections braided together 


  • The Inuit peoples
  •  The Métis peoples 
  •  The First Nations peoples of Saskatchewan

 Those three strands also represent:

  • The mind
  • The body
  • The spirit

There are seven sections within the symbol

 Representing the seven cords of the braid and the seven Grandfather teachings of:

  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Bravery
  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Truth

 The silhouette of Saskatchewan 

The braid pattern is interwoven within the shape of the province of Saskatchewan, where the centres are located.

 The colours of the logo are comprised of: 

 ● The blue of Grandfather sky 

● The green of Mother earth 

● The grey concrete of the city, and urban landscape, where the AFCS’ centres are located within Saskatchewan.

Our Logo. Explained